Choosing the Right System for Cooling Your Home

If the time has come to make a change in your home’s cooling system – by either installing a new system or replacing your existing one, you need to do your homework. Choosing the right system for cooling your home involves assessing several factors to make sure you are not under sizing or overspending. The following items must be taken into consideration before making your purchase.

Size of your home The square footage of your home is a critical element in determining the size and configuration of the cooling system you need. Obviously, a larger home needs a larger system, but if your home is two or three stories, or only a single story, that needs to be factored in.

Home’s floor plan Next to square footage, this is the next important aspect. The number of rooms, not just bedrooms, how the interior is configured, and how well air flows through your house are all part of the equation in determining the size of the cooling system for your home. Also, does the garage butt up against main living areas? It can act as a structural insulator.

Number of cooling hours required Do you need cooling all day long, or for only a few hours? The greater the time-frame you need, the larger the cooling system you may need. If you only need a couple of hours, you may not need as large a system. If your home is multiple stories, do all areas need to be cooled, or just some of them?

Thermal efficiency of your home – How modern is your home’s thermal efficiency? Does it have an effective thermal envelope – that is, how well is it protected from the outside environment? Do you have thermal windows; how well shaded is your home with trees, shrubs and other plantings? All of these play a role in how well your home is naturally heat (or cold) resistant.

Home insulation Does your home have the proper insulation for this area? What is the R-value of the insulation in the attic and the walls? Do you have a basement? Is it insulated? How about the garage? Are there air leaks around doors and windows? The way your home is insulated affects the air conditioning system you need.

Age of your home Older homes are less energy efficient than newer homes, especially if they have not been retrofitted with updated materials. In addition, the ductwork in an older home may be inadequate for moving cool air and may require either upgrading or a different cooling system than a comparably configured new home.

Orientation of your home In which direction do the main living areas of your home face? South facing sides require more cooling than the other sides because of the greater amount of sunlight striking them.

Before you make the decision on a new cooling system, even if it is only a wall unit, take the time for a free consultation with one our home cooling experts. At Gold Medal, our representatives are experts in guiding our customers in choosing the right system for cooling their home.